Hi, I'm Ted Efthymiadis

Behavioural issues and aggression problems are what I do all day, everyday.

Email: mangodogshalifax@gmail.com if you need support.

I use a balanced training approach that includes using positive motivators when your dog is doing things that you want them to do, and negative motivators when you want to discourage things that you don't want your dog to do. Simple!
Hi, I'm Ted Efthymiadis

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course
    • How to use this course
    • The difference between training and reinforcing
    • Dog training theory overview
    • The five deadly sins
    • How genetics make your dog who he/she is
    • Food training
  • 2
    Prepping your dog or puppy for the Vet
    • Introduction
    • Getting started
    • Tools to help
    • Prep for the Vet
    • Vet exam
    • Conclusion
  • 3
    My favorite E-collars
    • Mini Educator
    • EZ Educator
    • Finger Trainer
    • Waterfowler
    • Micro Educator (small dog E-collar)
  • 4
    Ecollar foundation training for recall
    • Electric collar series video 1
    • Electric collar series video 2
    • Electric collar series video 3
    • Electric collar series video 4
    • Getting a great E-collar fit on your dogs neck
  • 5
    Advanced E-collar work (leash pulling, place training, jumping on people, etc.
    • Section 1
    • Section 2
    • Section 3
  • 6
    Muzzle training
    • The different muzzles available
    • Picking a muzzle and putting it on
    • Getting a muzzle on a dog that may try and bite you
  • 7
    Aggression rehabilitation video series
    • Introduction
    • The dog training tools
    • Dog training theory for rehabilitation
    • Starting Lexi, Meadow, Sulley, and Jada - Part 1
    • Starting Lexi, Meadow, Sulley, and Jada - Part 2
    • Ecollar conditioning
    • Jada and Lexi first steps
    • Training Place (go to your bed and stay on your bed)
    • Leash training tools, leash reactivity and aggression
    • Training recall with the ecollar
    • Off leash socialization with dogs
    • Finishing up with the dogs
    • Good dog/dog social behavior
    • Cutting a dogs nails who is fearful and over-reacts
  • 8
    Resource guarding
    • Resource guarding
  • 9
    • Book: Prong collar training for pet dog owners, how to stop leash pulling in one day or less
    • Book: E-collar training for pet dogs
    • Book: Potty Training Puppy
    • Book: Stopping Leash Reactivity
  • 10
    Crate training with your dog
    • Crate training your puppy
    • Adult dog crate training + Separation anxiety


Join the 10,000+ dog owners and trainers who have taken my courses

“Fantastic trainer and course work. Having a reactive dog myself this had really helped me understand how to help my own dog.”

Karen WilsonKaren Wilson

“I love the theory behind Ted's work. He just oozes confidence and explains things so clearly. Everything in this course makes so much sense to me. Excellent practical application to everyday situations. Love the quote 'You get what you need in a dog, not what you want. Something I am learning big time with my own dogs. Great course you can see Ted's love for the dogs is so genuine.”

Cassandra ColbertCassandra Colbert

“Ted uses a truly balanced approach to dog training and does a great job explaining what he is doing and why he is doing it, and he has the experience to back up his methods. Also, the quality of these videos is excellent, so it is easy to focus on the content of the videos while watching them. These videos would be good to watch for both dog trainers like myself as well as dog owners.”

Matt HenricksMatt Henricks

“Ted has got some incredible knowledge. I’ve never heard someone describe the use of food in training in such a logical, no-nonsense sort of way. Having come from the world of pure positive, it was easy for me to have a bad taste in my mouth seeing it's limitations. It’s been a really big roadblock for me. He changed the game for me!”

Josh DonahueJosh Donahue

“I like Ted's teaching style. He does not come off as condescending in his videos. He has a calm approach to his training with his dogs. I also love the fact that he is not just standing there and lecturing. You get to see by examp”

Anne-Marie KazawoskiAnne-Marie Kazawoski

“While I have taken several courses with different methodologies, his seemed to be more balanced between utilization of positive vice "negative" or corrective reinforcement. Additionally, showing the progression and discussing the differences of each dog through their training reinforced one style does not fit every dog. Like people, they respond differently to extraneous stimuli. ”

Susan GanttSusan Gantt